Child Sexual Assault

Far too many children will be sexually assaulted before they reach the age of 18. Most commonly, the abuser is someone close to the child and a figure of authority. Our child abuse lawyers are here to help prevent these injustices from continuing in our society. We represent victims across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Our sex abuse law firm is committed to holding Jeffery Epstein accountable for his horrific actions. If you were a victim of Epstein’s abusive actions please call us anytime day or night. We will bring justice to you and your family for the sexual abuse you faced as a minor. Our sex abuse lawyers plan to sue the Epstein Estate along with any and all co-conspirators. Justice is the only acceptable outcome.

There is no better example, than the Jerry Sandusky scandal, which took place at Penn State, located in State College PA. The Catholic Church scandal is another common example of child sexual abuse. Both scandals resulted in multimillion-dollar settlements. Currently, the Michigan State University is involved with allegations that a former gmynastics physician sexually assaulted numerous student athletes.

The Trapani Law Firm has extensive knowledge and experience handling sexual abuse cases. Founding partner, Matthew Trapani participated in the representation of young victims in the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal and ESPN Radio recently interviewed The Trapani Law Firm regarding the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

When child sexual abuse is present, an employer (such as a school or university) can be held responsible for the actions of its employee or representative. Furthermore, improper security or failure to report suspected abuse can give rise to a sexual abuse lawsuit.

It is very important to contact a sexual assault attorney as soon as the sexual abuse is discovered. Our sexual abuse lawyers will provide immediate support to the victim in the form of medical and psychological treatment recommendations. Additionally, our law firm will immediately begin the process of preservation of evidence, which is vital to any sexual assault case.

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